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The legitimate Government-in-Exile of the de jure still existing Free City of Danzig, acting on behalf and in the name of all still living Danzig citizens and their descendants, where ever they are, scattered all over the Globe where they have been condemned to roam the Earth in search of their lost Homeland and to do penance for the sins of others, is now appealing to all and every fair-minded citizen of the World to help Danziger in their dire and unending struggle to regain their human dignity, their human rights and a fair degree of Justice, so far denied.  The War is over for a long time, Communism has collapsed, it is now high time to heal the wounds, that after more than 58 Years since the unlawful annexation of the then neutral and defenseless Free City of Danzig, then a Protectorate of the Geneva League of Nations, was overrun, first by the Nazis, then by a Communist Poland.   

To bring the plight of the Danziger out in the open, to the attention of the World, we Danziger have taken our case, an important matter of international law, directly before the International Court of Justice.  The UN and the Allied Powers have been informed, have been asked not to allow the in limbo status of the Free City of Danzig to continue.    

Poland therefore should let go of her unlawfully acquired Danzig possessions and should not be permitted to sweep the ROBBERY OF THE CENTURY and the most heinous crime of ETHNIC CLEANSING under the carpet forever, as those past atrocious acts by the Communist had resulted in Genocide and the brutal eviction of the entire, autochthonous, German speaking Danzig population, who were robbed of all their earthly possessions and banished, not allowed to return as free people, only as Slaves are they welcome to return to their rightful, legal Homeland.   

Ever since the end of the War have Danziger raised their voices in their struggle for survival and for their basic human rights, for Justice, the restoration of their rightful Territory and their private possessions.  Danziger, now, appeal for help, they call upon citizens of the World, all fair minded people, every Nation, all Organizations, the Churches, the News-Media, the legal Profession, international Law Experts, Human Rights Group, Business, Philanthropists, all kind and decent people.   

Support the Danziger, they have a just cause! 

Help is what they need, most urgently, being very much alone and kicked around, forsaken, condemned and seemingly forgotten by all.  Yet the autochthonous people of Danzig, victims of naked aggression and nothing but plain greed and unpricipled, immoral hunger for their private, earthly possessions by their former neighbors, are not motivated by any desire for revenge.

It is fair Justice what they want, Justice long overdue, their day in Court!

Right is on the side of the Danziger, Justice must be done!

Ernst F. Kriesner
Senator/Foreign Affairs 
P.O. Box 8069 
1700 Parañaque 
Telefax: (632) 821-1031